Annual ID Drive - K of C 7580

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Annual ID Drive

Activities & Events
Each year along with many other councils we begin a process many are familiar with at the left. On the right we have the current year recipients. All the funds collected except for 10% remain in the local area and are given to organizations of each council's choice. The 10% is given by the State Council to the Special Olympics.  See the "What's Next" link for this year's date, the schedule is published new each August.
Shown here are representatives of the local organizations that benefit from the annual drive:
Front row: Meri Tucker of Heart of Illinois Downs Syndrome, Laurie Guilfoyle of SEAPCO, Jade Coral from SEAPCO, Jerry Campen Council 7580 co-chair.Standing:  Alex Tucker from Heart of Illinois Downs Syndrome, Paige Dodson for Children’s Home Assn. of Illinois, Brad Bennett of Dist 85, Jason Gambill of Dist 86, Jenna Walker from Central Illinois Riding Therapy, Jill Thorton from Dist 309, Dave Ferron of SPEC, Chris Erickson of the Schramm Education Center and Jim Wygle Council 7580 co-chair.
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