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Family of the Year

From time to time the Grand Knight decides that some member along with their spouse has done something special or has stood out for one reason on another and names them Family of the Year.  Sometimes people have more time than other times so that there are years without such an honor being presented.

The following Brother Knights and their families have been recognized; sometimes, more than once.
1989William & Eveline Durham
1990Donald & Maureen Johnson
1991Billy & Margaret Dennis
Donald & Maureen Johnson
1996Donald & Joyce Stenstrom
1998Michael & Karen Doering
Donald & Joyce Stenstrom
2000Wilbur & Camilla Burk
2001Curt & Marilyn Hawkins
2002Alan & Eleen Hahn
2003James & Andrea Wygle
2004Dcn. Charles & Irma Robbins
Alan & Eleen Hahn
Donald & Maureen Johnson
2007John & Pat Guilfoyle
2008Dcn. Charles & Irma Robbins
2009Bill & Mary Rogers
2010Al & Eileen Hahn
Tim & Jan Houston
2012Joe & Jeanne Lenac
2013Donald & Marureen Johnson
2016Ray & Kelly Ramirez
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