Knight of the Year - K of C 7580

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Knight of the Year

From time to time the Grand Knight decides that some member of the council has done something special or has stood out for one reason on another and names him Knight of the Year.  This very often is the accumulation of months or years of performing a specific function or acts of kindness; so that there are years without such an honor being presented.
The following Brother Knights have been recognized; sometimes, more than once.

Paul Flynn
1984Dennis Marfell
1985Daniel McDonald
1986John Salzer
1987Paul Flynn
1988Joseph Bush
1989Don Johnson
1990Ron Jensen
1991John Salzer
1992Billy Dennis
1995Curt Hawkins
1996Al Hahn
1997Billy Dennis
1998Joseph Bush
1999John Guilfoyle
2000Don Stenstrom
2001Adolph Arnold
2002Ivan Martin
2003Ed Dennis
2004Duane Burk
2005Mike Doering
2006Al Hahn
2007Bill Rogers
2008Al Peplinski
2009Tim Houston
2010Jim Wygle
2011Deacon Robbins
2012Bob Schlink
2013Rick Couri
2016Adolph Arnold
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